November Round-up

Being honest, there was not a great deal to shout about in November. So I started trawling through my backlog of recommendations and came up with this fine collection of excellent tunes.

Listen now >>> – Nov 10 Mix

1) Alter Bridge – Isolation … Alter Bridge return with a corker, despite the band being their total commitment.
2) Kvelertak – Blodtørst … Fast and furious punk energy and metal riffing from this superb Norwegian discovery.
3) Voodoo Johnson – Burn … Even with lead singer departing thius month, nothing is stopping the Voodoo Johnson hard rocking gang a rollin’
4) My Chemical Romance – Vampire Money … MCR play the bar room blues?? I didn’t believe it untill I heard it either!
5) Voodoo Six – Long Way From Home Built on the good debut to form a stonking second LP Fluke?
6) Blood Command – Art For The Sake Of Art … Norwegians channel the spirit of the Blood Brothers on this relentless track.
7) Bo Ningen – 4 Seconds To Ascension … London based Japanese noise rockers are adept at creating canyon sized waves of overdriven energy.
8) Ice, Sea, Dead People – Laser Brain … Art punks are intent on making a glorious racket.
9) Chicken Hawk – Scorpieau … Leeds Rock revolution’s latest offering, brutal and melodic, frenzied alt-metal!
10) Elliott Smith – Pictures Of Me … Fine moment from recent early days best of, from this underrated singer-songwriter
11) The Walkmen – Juveniles … Moody and purposefully sparse yet intimate indie rock is The Walkmen’s  strength, shown off here in abundance.
12) Weezer – Blowin’ My Stack ... Far greater than a B-Side should ever really be, 2010 has been a good year for the Weezer boys.
13) Fu Manchu – Shift Kicker … Californian fuzzy alt-rockers are back and blowing amps away as always! 
14) Karma To Burn – Forty-Two … Experimental hard rockers have instrumental greatness, gigantic riffs, bundles of melody & numbered track names! 
15) Union – You Know My Name … 2 old hands in the hard rock alumni return to bring this southern influenced bluesy blast of brilliance.
16) Jayce Lewis – Icon … Dance music for the rockers to groove to.
17) Electric Six – Countdown to the Countdown … Rare shimmer of former highs on poor latest album Zodiac
18) Ray Davies – Days/This Time Tomorrow … Mumford and Sons lend a hand and put a great new spin on this classically British tune.
19) The Greenhornes – Satisfy My Mind … The other 2 from the Raconteurs had another band too, these 60’s Retro rocking Greenhorne’s
20) Good Charlotte – Let The Music Play …
Pop Punk Anthem for November!

Spotify Playlist – Nov 10 Mix

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