Bomb The Music Industry! @ Underworld

15th November 2010

It’s a Monday, we are once again out in search of love music thrills, tonight we turned our attention to a band who define the word D.I.Y. From giving away their own music for free, ensuring minimal ticket prices for gigs, recording whenever possible and coming to the UK without any dates pre-booked Bomb The Music Industry! are a unique band taking a distinctive route to prominence. It also helps that their music is adored by fans and critics alike.

A rather empty Underworld greeted us on entry, as did the first of the support bands Bad Ideas. Their upbeat pop rock was rather good. Their warm guitar tones and slightly overdriven spiky riffs were extremely enjoyable and energetic. What I enjoyed from their sound is the combination of the lead guitarists striking barre chords and the auxiliary acoustic guitar played by the lead vocalist kept up a relentless stampede of strumming. This high enthusiasm was commendable and fed through into the small crowd who had the pleasure of checking them out.

Bad Ideas

Next up was a bloke called Giles who went under the name of Cynics. Instantly he reminded me of anti-folk punk poets in the style of Frank Turner. His clear love for punk music is clear to see as he thrashed his acoustic with punchy power chords and simple melodies. He was a great singer too who had a very powerful voice, the need to amplification was at times not needed. Singing about tales of life and being young were full of social comment, wit and honesty. After a while his songs fell foul of the lack of a inventive musical backbone as the simplistic approach took hold and boredom set in. To counter though to his credit, he threw in a few old school punk covers which were lapped up by the hardcore of the crowd. An impressive set from a larger than life character whose stage presence was impeccable.


After overhearing a conversation between band and “unknown others” it seemed that they would be playing with a triple guitar attack tonight after commandeering a random third amp to power up for their sound check. What an unassuming bunch BTMI! truly were, almost as if they had been dragged straight from a US college party. But give them a stage, guitar and amplification and they come alive as foot to the floor high adrenaline rush of a ska punk collective.

Bomb The Music Industry

Their upstruck chords were classic ska punk and their attack and speed reminicent of NY hardcore bands with some electro synths thrown in for some electic moments. The bombardment of loud triple guitar attach, booming trombone and rapid-fire lyrics sent the front few rows mental. Arms were flailing,sweaty bodies colliding, circle pits round a huge pole and plenty of pogo action were to be some of the more entartaining sights of the set (the most amusing being when one drunken youngster ran into the pole nearly knocking himself over).

For all the energy and enthusiasm in the room, I wasn’t seeing what all the fuss was about. Yes they played extremely fast electro laced punk numbers which lasted downwards of 2 minutes, yet with scrambled lyrics through the indecipherable vocals it was a tough set to appreciate. Unless you were there to go nuts, it was always going to be a disappointment. There were flashes of brilliance in the midst of the set with huge vocal hooks and infectious riffing. But they came and disappeared all to quickly. It would be hard to say that it wasn’t enjoyable, it just wasn’t up to the standard of recent shows.

Stage Invasion

The set ended in as chaotic fashion as a support band initiated stage invasion took place with the hardcore pocket of fans taking the stage/mic/guitars. It was all fun and games and the feel good feeling was tricky to shake, despite the lack of a quality musical performance.

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