Does It Rock Awards 2010: The Results

Sadly all of the award winners cannot be here to accept these awards, but feel free to get in touch to send your acceptance speeches any time!

Find out the Nominees here!

Does It Rock Live Awards:

Best Band

Winner: Muse
After those stunning Wembley shows this summer it is Muse who reign as the best Live band of 2010

Best New Band

Winner: Pulled Apart By Horses

For their breathtaking live performances and creating a fitting debut album which fails to dampen their rock and roll noise pollution!

Best Song

Winner: Knights of Cydonia (Muse)

Closing the Wembley shows, Muse had a 60,000 strong crowd jumping around like loonys to this prog epic with huge blues riffing finale!

Best Venue

Winner: Butlins

Our first foray into ATP weekend festivals was a roaring success. 3 great venues, bars, clubs, restaurants, and non-stop entertainment all under one roof with top notch accommodation merely a stones throw away. Unbeatable!

Best Crowd

Winner: Fight Like Apes

It was supposed to be a sedate electro-pop gig of fun and bippy beats and quirky hooks. As it conspired 50% of the patrons went nuts to every single song! It was the crowd that made the show epic, with cheeky banter, stage invasions, cheesy waltzing, comical heckling, boisterous behavior and full vocalled support. Everything a crowd should be!

Best Festival

Winner: Download

With the superstar triple headline attack of Ac/Dc, Rage Against The Machine & Aerosmith, it’s easily the best lineup of our 2010 festivals! It was sunny, loads of fun and had a series of great crowds not overrun by drunk teens.

Best Festival Anthem

Winner: Paradise City (Slash)

Arguably the best Guns N’Roses tune played by the original “Guitar Hero” Slash backed with the immense vocal talents of Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge was a monumental crowd pleaser. A magical moment!

Best Frontman/Vocalist

Winner: Pat Monaghan (Train)

Lead singer of American Alt-Rock band Train impressed with his stunning vocals which were immensely powerful, soulful, passionate and fragile! His performance and all round persona helped this show to become one of the great surprises of 2010!

Best Guitarist

Winner: Slash

There was something about his set at Download which was stupendous. Whether that be the Guns n’ Roses anthems, that cocky swagger, the awe inspiring solo’s or the addition of guests Lemmy & Myles Kennedy…but this show made me feel like I was in the prsence of a true legend of guitar!

2010 Spotlight Awards:

The “Waahahaaay Over The Top” award for exuberant Showmanship:

Winner: Guitar Solo at 45ft, while perched ontop of a festival stage (Airbourne @ Download)

Airbourne front man Joel O’Keef’s antics at this years Download Festival will go down as the single greatest example of literally putting your life on the line for rock and roll ever! That crazed climb in the pouring rain, with guitar on back before stopping for a few solo’s here and there was the definition of insanity. One never to be forgotten & hopefully never repeated either!

The “Eyecandy” award for the hottest woman of rock

Winner: The Sirens (x3) (@ Brixton)

It’s no surprise that Steel Panther support act, “dance troupe” (aka strippers) The Sirens took this title. 3 extremely agile and beautiful women gyrating for the audiences pleasure to a soundtrack of Slipknot set many men’s tongues a wagging.

The “Turned to 11” award for the Loudest set

Winner: Boris @ ATP

There was some serious wattage was on show here, It physically hurt to be within 50m of the speakers. Any music which can make your clothes shudder and your chest compress should come with a government warning. Boris lives the “turned to 11” dream!

The “I can’t believe I saw that” award for the Most Unexpected Gig Antics

Winner: “Everybody remain seated on the floor” (Monotonix @ ATP)

Truly bizarre things were going on inside Reds for the ATP Monotonix show. Refusing entry to all but a precious few, refusing entry as the venue was full, only to then change their minds 5 minutes later. Many surprises were in store inside! Firstly it was nowhere near full and secondly the crowd were all sat down cross legged. Why on earth organisers thought this would last is laughable! After about 20 minutes the inevitable happened and people were overcome with dancing fever. Swiftly the set was brought to a halt by the security, stating “inciting a riot” the reason. Absolutely crazy goings on!

The “WTF??” award for the most unusual crowd Antics

Winner: Lady relieving herself in cup then pouring onto poor blokes leg (RATM @ Download)

Really…this did happen! It was truly hideous and the ladies hearty laugh at the poor bloke (who in my opinion did well not to slap her) will haunt me forever.

The “Is that a…” award for Most Random Stage Prop

Winner: A Giant Train, 30ft Blow-up Doll & Huge Cannon’s (AcDc @ Download)

When it comes down to going over the top with their stage show, it was tough to category call what with Muse’s Balloon being pretty epic. Yet AcDc pulled out all the stops and went that bit further, bringing their own stage to a festival! Top that with a streaking 150yard catwalk, a 30ft raising platform, a Runaway Train, a 30ft Blow-up doll (There was a “Whole Lotta Rosie“) and plenty more besides!

The “Fashion Disaster” award for Terrible Style

Winner: Shoes, boxers and a full chest of hair (Monotonix @ CAMP)

Style clearly hasn’t got as far Israeli rockers Monotoninx. Playing in only their boxers and shoes this made for the boldest (and hairiest) statement of the year. Kudos goes to those men who held up sweaty lead singer Ami Shalev when he went crowd surfing…uurrgh!!

The “Do Not Enter” award for the worst gig Venue

Winner:  The Troxy

The Troxy lacked so many things the most important being a good atmosphere. For a venue of this size, having a flat standing area and a small sunken dance floor is criminal for those wanting to see anything what-so-ever! Add ludicrously expensive beer prices, oversubscribed  toilet facilities and a lack of friendly neighborhood pubs and bars means we won’t be heading back in a hurry.

The “Ouch My Ears!” award for the worst Performance

Winner: Atlas Sound @ ATP

With a gap in the ATP schedule, Atlas Sound was  probably the most monotonously annoying and boring artist ever heard by the team. Universally panned by all present, there was nothing to recommend in his whiny vocal atmospherics and “I wrote these in my bedroom while depressed” mutterings except the moment he down tools and left! By far the biggest cheer of the night!

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