January Round-up

As with each and every January, I spend most of my time checking out what I missed last year, which in fact is quite alot. here are the some of the gems I’ve found and some belters from month one of 2011.

Listen now >>> – Jan 11 Mix

1) The Joy Formidable – Whirring … Beautiful mammoth of indie whirrings, noise rock feedback and pop vocals with greater rise and falls than the Peak district.
2)  British Sea Power – Who’s In Control … BSP have gone massive and this chirpy stadium sized indie is testament to its success,
3) Dive Dive – Liar … Speedy little punk inflected number with a super catchy chorus from these oxford lads.
4) Gang Of Four – Who Am I? … Legends of the post-punk party are back to show how its done! Razor edged guitar riffing and social politics galore.
5) Glamour Of The Kill – Lost Souls … GoTK have gone the pop route to fame producing an “accessible” metal record which spawned this nify tune.
6) Cold War Kids – Flying Upside Down … Beautifully uplifting and infectious indie rock which knows its place. An honest and ace tune.
7) Social Distortion – California … Punk old boys still prove they can mix it up with some hard rocking Americana
8) PM Today – Progress Is A Lemon … Prog rock never sounded quite as angry as when its being played by PM Today, superb instrumentation and cracking guitar work.
9) Hardcore Superstar – Moonshine … Scandenavian sleaze rockers returned with even bigger hard rock riffs…barely seems possible1
10) Motörhead – I Know How To Die … Lemmy and Co are back to kick your ass! You better believe it!!
11) Fake Problems – ADT … Jangly American inde rock from these ever consistant pop rockers
12) Kylesa – Crowded Road … Metal rumblings and overdrive plunged into sublimly euphoic depths.
13) Six Gallery – Bermuda Triangles … Minus The Bear are not the only band who can pull off massively skilled indie rock musicanship.
14) White Lies – Bigger Than Us … Swirling indie radio rock from the ever depressed white lies
15) Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations … Math Pop with one of those nagging riffs which get lodged in your head all day!
16) Tides Of Man – Echoes … Indie Rock gets a Prog overhaul and guitars beefed up to bring a packed tune full of eclectic guitar licks
17)  Trophy Scars – Nausea … Classic rock and blues reign on this Prog bands latest Album Darkness Oh Hell
18) The Flatliners – Carry The Banner … Angry punk rock which never relents its passionate onslaught of vocals, drums and guitars.
19) Off With Their Heads – Trying To Breathe … Pop Punk Anthem for January. Just so damn catchy!

Spotify Playlist – Jan 10 Mix

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