Camden Crawl 2011 Guide: Part 2

Time to complete the round-up of this year’s Camden Crawl festival highlight reel, handpicked by

Part Two: Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

Graham Coxon

He played guitar for a little known band called Blur, no big deal hey. His solo material has ranged from all out guitar classics, to accomplished folk. Whichever Graham turns up, this is sure to be one of the events of the weekend!

Listen to: Graham Coxon – Standing On My Own Again

Johnny Foreigner

Chaotic pop music for art students with punk hearts. Beautiful clash of clattering guitars and sweet harmonies trademark the electrifying alt rock sound of the midlands finest young band.

Listen to: Johnny Foreigner – Tru Punx

Simian Mobile Disco

Dance heavyweights add some star power to the lineup this year with a live set on this years crawl. This is sure to be packed, so get your places early to enjoy their thumping electro clout.

Listen to: Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe

British Sea Power

Brighton’s Eco warring indie band brings their newly found stadium sized tunes to Camden. After a solid new album (review) in 2011, their set is sure to be a cracker.

Listen to: British Sea Power – Who’s In Control

Cerebral Ballzy

Imagine outpouring all the energy in your body every night on stage. This is what noiseniks, Cerebral Ballzy achieve with their flat out punk rock and roll! As exciting as it is chaotic!

Listen to: Cerebral Ballzy – Insufficient Fare

Dinosaur Pile-Up

DoesItRock favourites D P-U are bringing back the grunge with their cobainesque looks and sounds that do justice to the clout of the genre. Both melodic, heavy and have some damn infectious songs!

Listen to: Dinosaur Pile-Up – My Rock ‘n’ Roll


Weird and experimental electro beats line the Gallops instrumental track listings. Yet somehow their tunes are superb slices of soaring key tinkling and band backed melodies. A left field shout, who may just kick-ass live!

Listen to: Gallops – Oh, The Manatee

Those Dancing Days

Twee female pop music from Scandinavia is bound to brighten anyone’s day. Those Dancing Days’ electro melodies and beautiful melodies are sure to captivate.

Listen to: Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours


Mix some 60’s haziness, blues rawk, fuzzed vocals, indie ethics, classic rock solo’s and folky ballads and you have an addictive concoction. Eclectic in every way!

Listen to: Transfer – White Horse


“Whats that? I can’t hear you?” … Kong will blow away any remnants of hearing you had before their turned up their amps to 11. Just be prepared to be hit hard by their King K……(ok i wont do it), MASSIVE noise rock!

Listen to: Kong – On The Contrary

House De Racket

Racquet sport gimmick wielding Frenchman, who like fellow dance music countrymen Daftpunk & Justice, really rock out!!!

Listen to: Housse De Racket – Gwendoline

Pete & The Pirates

So catchy they may as well wear velcro suits, Pete and his Pirates will be bringing their glorious indie pop music to the Camden Crawl 2011. If you fancy a sing-a-long or a set of fun and joy…these are your guys.

Listen to: Pete And The Pirates – Mr Understanding

Check out all the bands on the spotify playlist:

Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

Camden Crawl 2011 Guide: Part 1

With the line-up for the 2011 edition of the award winning urban new music festival almost finalised, it is time shed some light onto the artists set to make (or break) their names up in Camden Town.  With a massive lineup of 134 extremely eclectic acts confirmed thus far all sharing the same passion for producing great music and dream of making it big in the industry. With so many new artists to see we’ll try to pick out a few for you to keep an eye on, ones to avoid, and the odd song to give you an idea of what you’re getting in to.

Part One: Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights


Self proclaimed fight-poppers return with all the necessary fire and energy ready to start a blaze of unbridled arty indie punk glory. Their fun time dueling vocalists and sheer exasperatingly frantic live performances make this a must see show! This could be Dananana’s year!

Listen to: Dananananaykroyd – Pink Sabbath

The Qemists

Where Pendulum meets Hadouken!, youthful exuberance, huge guitars and unrelenting drum and bass. Their collaborations with up and coming bands and grime artists have these guys firmly on our sights for a late night rave up!

Listen to: The Qemists – Take It Back

The King Blues

Eclectic Londoners The King Blues are a lyrical bomb of cutting social comment and protest singing. Their folk punk is both rawkus, captivating and utterly essential in times of national depression.

Listen to: The King Blues – We Are Fucking Angry

Little Comets

Bringing the sunshine to the May Day Bank Holiday weekend are the Newcastle indie pop of Little Comets. A band from the UK has no right to sound this happy! Bask in their joyously catchy rock.

Listen to: Little Comets – Adultery

The Agitator

Vocal trio with dueling drummers. This pretty much sums up The Agitator, but their powerful harmonies and African influenced skin hitting. Stripped back and absolutely addictive!

Listen to: The Agitator – Give Me All That You Got – Radio Edit

Slow Club

After making a huge splash at last years event, Girl, Boy vocal pop duo Slow club are back to bring more of their simple but effective harmonies, enthusiastic delivery and captivating wordplay.

Listen to: Slow Club – Beacause We’re Dead

Hawk Eyes

Changing your name after your debut is never a good ploy, thankfully I’ve kept track of the aggressive alt-metal stalwarts Chickenhawk under their new moniker. Loud and dirty…just what we like!

Listen to: Chickenhawk – Scorpieau

Bo Ningen

Back for 2011 after a storming 2010 and the release of their debut album to critical acclaim. The Japanese experimental rock mammoths, are ready to sway some more minds onto their progressive noise rock.

Listen to: Bo Ningen – 4 Seconds To Ascension


Great live, Turbowolf’s Sabbath meets Death From Above 1978 style riffing is as melodic as it is head crushing. Sure to blow you away (or at least your eardrums!)

Listen to: Turbowolf – Seven Severed Heads

The Phantom Band

Glaswegian Indie darlings are the critical choice for the weekend. They play off-kilter pop melodies with so many different instruments it hard to keep count. Understated but at the same time euphoric. Once to kick back and enjoy.

Listen to: The Phantom Band – A Glamour

The Computers

Ever wondered what if you mixed hardcore 80’s punk with 12 bar blues guitars? If so, get yourself to The Computers show. It’s bound to be a whirlwind of in your face frenzied rock and roll.

Listen to: The Computers – Love The Music, Hate The Kids

Check out these and many more highlights on the following spotify playlist:

Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

Album Review: Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

Over two years on since their début, what new tricks have Cage the Elephant got in store for listeners?

Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

Thank You Happy Birthday cover

RockOSaurus Says:

Cage The Elephant have managed something most people struggle with their entire musical careers…progression! Within their new found angular post-pixies sound are plenty of cracking tunes such as the chest pounding Aberdeen with buckets of feedback fuzz and  chaotic drumming.

Long gone is their restrained blues-by-numbers middle of the road rock which had a couple of memorable moments. In its place are off kilter guitars and urgent indie rock yelped and lashed through their edge teetering vocals and guitars. Their incessant drive for uptempo melodies are perfectly showcased on 2024 with its ramping up riff taking off in spectacular fashion.

They are not scared of poking fun at their fans either “Get The Right Haircut” proclaims Matt Shultz on Indy Kidz (whether that’s a wise move, only time will tell.) His vocals are a great deal more impressive that their debut. Standing alone his range of belting chorus’s and exasperated yelps are a weapon of considerable force..

They drop the baton however with some good old fashioned balladry. Their acoustic exploits on Rubber Ball fall very short and disrupt what’s was a rich vein of top notch tunes.

There are plenty of other highlights strewn throughout the track list including the poppy Shake Me Down and the all out punk assaults of Sabertooth Tiger and the riff roller coaster that is Japanese Buffalo.

A cracking sophomore album packed with equally as many thrills and surprises as great tunes!!

Mr Flowers Says:

Thank You Happy Birthday exhibits a bit of a departure from some of the Blues rock influences from Cage the Elephant’s self-titled début. Always Something for instance kicks off the album with a drum machine and screams before being overlayed with an off kilter drum beat. Indeed, the guitars are used sparsely, with the drums forming the backbone for the song. It’s a divergance for Cage The Elephant, but not necessarily a bad thing.

Instead of the Blues is a strong Pixies flavour about a lot of the songs; that almost trademark slow-fast mechanic is used on Aberdeen (which draws from Where Is Your Mind a fair bit), Shake Me Down and Around My Head for example. It generally works out pretty well for them – Frank Black should be proud.

Continuing the homages, 2024 draws from Daniel Johnston for a punk song with a tenderly melodic chorus. That Johnston impression returns on the lullaby-like Rubber Ball, although this one doesn’t work nearly as well – missing the aggressive energy we normally expect from Cage The Elephant. In fact, where the album screws up is on the slower songs; the ballady Right Before My Eyes and the poorly executed foray into Modest Mouse territory on the final song, Flow, generally fall flat.

Interspersed are some psychotic, schizophrenic songs like Indy Kidz, where S  chultz indulges in screams and long Sonic Youth-style progressive noise and feedback (and fails); and Sell Yourself and Sabretooth Tiger, punkier, grungy songs which maintain the deranged feeling with bum notes and some angry rock outs (and does a little better). So it’s a little hit and miss, but given all of that you have an album that might not be particularly original but can at least draw from some solid influences to give it a fair share of good songs to join the band’s already strong repertoire.

RockOSaurus: 8/10

MrFlowers: 7/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 7.5/10

Listen to Cage The Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday now on Spotify!

Powerage Records Tour 2011 @ Camden Underworld

24th February 2012

Tonight was a night to savour. A Free show @ Camden Underworld hosted by the cracking Classic Rock magazine associated record label Powerage. Not only is it free entry, but the lineup is packed with 4 top quality bands who Powerage have signed the finest rock and roll the UK has to offer, bringing it all together on one stage tonight.

The first band up was the Northern Irish Hard Rock Quintet Million Dollar Reload.

Million Dollar Reload

Their pumped up rock anthems were just the ticket to get the night kicked off as they ran though a swift but impact making set. They had a slightly punkier edge to them which invigorated the already quite sozzled crowd. Vocals were tough to make out at first but slowly the balance settled and we were treated to huge chorus’s and sleazy rhymes from Phil Conalane’s extremeley talented and versatile vocal chords. The man’s pipes are wondrous and he flipped back and forth from incredibly fluent high speed lyrics to semi-falsetto’d throaty roars. Highlights of their set included the chorus busting Give It Up, all out rocker Superslave and the punky American sing-along riot of Goodnight New York.

The Treatment

It’s a rare band who can capture my rock and roll heart with such ease and style, it’s safe to say The Treatment managed it in just half an hour of youthful exuberance. Their bluesy hard rock was more glam pop in orientated, with a much more radio friendly lead singer armed with an outstanding high note and enough growl in him to still cut it with the rock crowds. In fact this was the biggest and most energetic crowd of the night as they played the highlights from their self titled debut album.

Baby brother Rox

Songs such as the tight Ac/Dc riffing on The Doctor, huge chant-a-long I Want Love, the super infectious melodies of Shake The Mountain and the turbo-charged adrenaline shot guitar assault of Departed. These guys didn’t let up for one minute as their unrelenting onslaught of stunningly catchy Hard Rock tunes had me totally addicted. So confident in their melodies, they are able to slow down the tempo and try some emotive high-note bending balladry on Nothing To Lose. With such strong vocals and non-soppy lyrics…it works! Above all else this performance has showcased their extreme talent at producing brilliantly catchy rock and roll, a band not to be missed.

Matt ‘Tyler’ Jones

It’s true they are not so original, put if the idea of putting Steve Tyler in a room with Malcom Young takes your fancy? Its clear all you need is The Treatment. The fact their drummer’s father is the former manager of ‘gone but not forgotten’ UK rockers Roadstar only makes me love them even more. (Btw. I have overlooked the fact that their bassist is an incredibly annoying short-short-short-arse! You can’t have it all I guess!)

Sadly as The Treatment exited, so did 50% of the crowd. It seemed as if all this free music wasn’t as attractive a prospect as having a good nights kip! The DoesItRock crew didn’t need persuading to stick about, although we didn’t really get on with the next band Lethargy.


They were more focused in the heavy spectrum and the low notes of the guitar, thundering out some cracking bass and fuzz soaked booming riffs. Yet the dreadlocked vocalist/bassist wasn’t quite up to scratch given what had just blitzed the stage. Plus they were a slight anomaly amongst the line-up, the flagging enthusiasm from the crowd reflecting this! No surprises then that this set fell by the wayside for us.

Last but not least came a band who have impressed us here in the Underworld before, New Device. It was slightly disappointing to see that the thriving crowd had not returned post-lethargy, but not to be outdone New Device took up the hard rock baton, pasted it with melody and vigor before streaking towards a triumphant finish.

New Device

While they lacked the attitude of Million $ Reload and the chaotic energy of The Treatment, their hard rock was Bon Jovi-esque melody focused that was truly stadium worthy. Highly strung verses were backed with stratospheric choruses sung with utter conviction and a fiery intent! With only one guitarist, New Device make up for their lack of kerranging walls of power chords with cutting licks and catchy ass solo’s. Confined in this small underground space songs like the big thumping rhythms of Make My Day and mega ballad In The Fading Light feel caged as they bustle and wriggle to be released from these walls.

Daniel Leigh

Despite their pop orientation, they show they can still kick it in the hard rock arena with stonking metal opening of On Fire, down tuned riffing Never Say Never and album title track Takin’ Over! Returning for a swift acoustic encore underlined their accessibility as the most mainstream of the tonight’s line-up. With performances like this it may not be too long before it’s their turn to break through!

Acoustic Time

An astonishingly superb lineup drove this free night of live rock destined for big things.

Power to Powerage Records!!!! March Round-Up

After missing out on February’s Round-Up, March is a bumper edition of cracking new music!

Listen now >>> – Mar 11 Mix

1) Kassidy – Stray Cat … Acoustic barrage from the debut album of these Scottish pop genius’s
2) Little Comets – Adultery … Serious subject, simply sunshine melodies! Pop brilliance!
3) Dance Gavin Dance – Thug City … All out attack on the technical guitar work, proggy and captivating.
4) Cage The Elephant – Aberdeen … Cage The Elephant threaten to blast the roof off their blues roots.
5) Funeral For A Friend – Old Hymns … Post-Hardcore pioneers have taken a great step forward in their genre defining career
6) Rival Schools – Shot After Shot … Back from obscurity with a stonking rock album!
7) Black Spiders – KISS Tried To Kill Me … Grab a beer and prepare to be pummeled by The Black Spiders Hard Rock show!
8) The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness … Not quite the return of rock saviours, but 80’s influences are put aside for their lead single
9) Times Of Grace – The Forgotten One … Metal core heavyweights combine for this superb, emotive and melodic acoustic tune!
10) The Rural Alberta Advantage – Tornado ’87 … Rolling drums line this Americana soaked indie rock.
11) …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Pure Radio Cosplay … Prog assault coming from every angle!
12) The Vaccines – Norgaard … Putting the fun back into 3 chord rock n’ roll are The Vaccines!
13) Dropkick Murphys – Going Out In Style … More of the same genius bagpipe filled melodies from the only Celtic punk band which matters
14 )The Treatment – The Doctor … Huge Guitars and Aerosmith influence Hard Rock brilliance!
15) Social Distortion – Alone And Forsaken … Punk vets bring harvest some honest and true American rock!
16) R.E.M. – Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter … Lively offering from a re-invigorated and amped up R.E.M.
17) What Would Jesus Drive – Fragile Mansions … Social commentary and catchy riffs on this punky little number.
18) Frankie & The Heartstrings – Hunger … Reggae hints on this vocal driven melodic pop cracker.
19) The Civil Wars – 20 Years … A frail and heartfelt acoustic pairing of extreme talented musicians.
20) Beady Eye – Beatles And Stones … Liam’s back, and its not bad!
21) Rise Against – Architects … Pop Punk Anthem for March is a bold move into the poppier world for Rise Against.

Spotify Playlist – Mar 11 Mix