Camden Crawl 2011 Guide: Part 1

With the line-up for the 2011 edition of the award winning urban new music festival almost finalised, it is time shed some light onto the artists set to make (or break) their names up in Camden Town.  With a massive lineup of 134 extremely eclectic acts confirmed thus far all sharing the same passion for producing great music and dream of making it big in the industry. With so many new artists to see we’ll try to pick out a few for you to keep an eye on, ones to avoid, and the odd song to give you an idea of what you’re getting in to.

Part One: Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights


Self proclaimed fight-poppers return with all the necessary fire and energy ready to start a blaze of unbridled arty indie punk glory. Their fun time dueling vocalists and sheer exasperatingly frantic live performances make this a must see show! This could be Dananana’s year!

Listen to: Dananananaykroyd – Pink Sabbath

The Qemists

Where Pendulum meets Hadouken!, youthful exuberance, huge guitars and unrelenting drum and bass. Their collaborations with up and coming bands and grime artists have these guys firmly on our sights for a late night rave up!

Listen to: The Qemists – Take It Back

The King Blues

Eclectic Londoners The King Blues are a lyrical bomb of cutting social comment and protest singing. Their folk punk is both rawkus, captivating and utterly essential in times of national depression.

Listen to: The King Blues – We Are Fucking Angry

Little Comets

Bringing the sunshine to the May Day Bank Holiday weekend are the Newcastle indie pop of Little Comets. A band from the UK has no right to sound this happy! Bask in their joyously catchy rock.

Listen to: Little Comets – Adultery

The Agitator

Vocal trio with dueling drummers. This pretty much sums up The Agitator, but their powerful harmonies and African influenced skin hitting. Stripped back and absolutely addictive!

Listen to: The Agitator – Give Me All That You Got – Radio Edit

Slow Club

After making a huge splash at last years event, Girl, Boy vocal pop duo Slow club are back to bring more of their simple but effective harmonies, enthusiastic delivery and captivating wordplay.

Listen to: Slow Club – Beacause We’re Dead

Hawk Eyes

Changing your name after your debut is never a good ploy, thankfully I’ve kept track of the aggressive alt-metal stalwarts Chickenhawk under their new moniker. Loud and dirty…just what we like!

Listen to: Chickenhawk – Scorpieau

Bo Ningen

Back for 2011 after a storming 2010 and the release of their debut album to critical acclaim. The Japanese experimental rock mammoths, are ready to sway some more minds onto their progressive noise rock.

Listen to: Bo Ningen – 4 Seconds To Ascension


Great live, Turbowolf’s Sabbath meets Death From Above 1978 style riffing is as melodic as it is head crushing. Sure to blow you away (or at least your eardrums!)

Listen to: Turbowolf – Seven Severed Heads

The Phantom Band

Glaswegian Indie darlings are the critical choice for the weekend. They play off-kilter pop melodies with so many different instruments it hard to keep count. Understated but at the same time euphoric. Once to kick back and enjoy.

Listen to: The Phantom Band – A Glamour

The Computers

Ever wondered what if you mixed hardcore 80’s punk with 12 bar blues guitars? If so, get yourself to The Computers show. It’s bound to be a whirlwind of in your face frenzied rock and roll.

Listen to: The Computers – Love The Music, Hate The Kids

Check out these and many more highlights on the following spotify playlist:

Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

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