Camden Crawl 2011 Guide: Part 2

Time to complete the round-up of this year’s Camden Crawl festival highlight reel, handpicked by

Part Two: Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

Graham Coxon

He played guitar for a little known band called Blur, no big deal hey. His solo material has ranged from all out guitar classics, to accomplished folk. Whichever Graham turns up, this is sure to be one of the events of the weekend!

Listen to: Graham Coxon – Standing On My Own Again

Johnny Foreigner

Chaotic pop music for art students with punk hearts. Beautiful clash of clattering guitars and sweet harmonies trademark the electrifying alt rock sound of the midlands finest young band.

Listen to: Johnny Foreigner – Tru Punx

Simian Mobile Disco

Dance heavyweights add some star power to the lineup this year with a live set on this years crawl. This is sure to be packed, so get your places early to enjoy their thumping electro clout.

Listen to: Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe

British Sea Power

Brighton’s Eco warring indie band brings their newly found stadium sized tunes to Camden. After a solid new album (review) in 2011, their set is sure to be a cracker.

Listen to: British Sea Power – Who’s In Control

Cerebral Ballzy

Imagine outpouring all the energy in your body every night on stage. This is what noiseniks, Cerebral Ballzy achieve with their flat out punk rock and roll! As exciting as it is chaotic!

Listen to: Cerebral Ballzy – Insufficient Fare

Dinosaur Pile-Up

DoesItRock favourites D P-U are bringing back the grunge with their cobainesque looks and sounds that do justice to the clout of the genre. Both melodic, heavy and have some damn infectious songs!

Listen to: Dinosaur Pile-Up – My Rock ‘n’ Roll


Weird and experimental electro beats line the Gallops instrumental track listings. Yet somehow their tunes are superb slices of soaring key tinkling and band backed melodies. A left field shout, who may just kick-ass live!

Listen to: Gallops – Oh, The Manatee

Those Dancing Days

Twee female pop music from Scandinavia is bound to brighten anyone’s day. Those Dancing Days’ electro melodies and beautiful melodies are sure to captivate.

Listen to: Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours


Mix some 60’s haziness, blues rawk, fuzzed vocals, indie ethics, classic rock solo’s and folky ballads and you have an addictive concoction. Eclectic in every way!

Listen to: Transfer – White Horse


“Whats that? I can’t hear you?” … Kong will blow away any remnants of hearing you had before their turned up their amps to 11. Just be prepared to be hit hard by their King K……(ok i wont do it), MASSIVE noise rock!

Listen to: Kong – On The Contrary

House De Racket

Racquet sport gimmick wielding Frenchman, who like fellow dance music countrymen Daftpunk & Justice, really rock out!!!

Listen to: Housse De Racket – Gwendoline

Pete & The Pirates

So catchy they may as well wear velcro suits, Pete and his Pirates will be bringing their glorious indie pop music to the Camden Crawl 2011. If you fancy a sing-a-long or a set of fun and joy…these are your guys.

Listen to: Pete And The Pirates – Mr Understanding

Check out all the bands on the spotify playlist:

Camden Crawl 2011 – Highlights

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