The Jim Jones Revue @ KoKo

15th April 2011

From the get go this evening, it was clear we had taken more than a couple of steps back in time. Slicked back haircuts, leather jackets and vintage dresses galore…we had landed in the 50’s! With rockabilly’s as far as the eye could see we headed down to catch the sole support act tonight, Lewis Floyd Henry.

Lewis Floyd Henry

Floyd was a tad more modern in his musical style. His one man band hopped forwards just 10 years in fact, as he blasted out 60’s roots blues, with mesmeric results. He was a totally charasmatic, instantly likable figure with quirky tendencies and a real sense of humour. As he stomped on his tiny little bass drum and cymbal combo he crashed out some fittingly retro fuzzed up bluesy riffs with personality! Think Seasick Steve in session with The Black Keys.

Burn Pram Burn…

His stage present was magnificent and the crowd were waiting with baited breath on each of his lyrics, whether they were faux conversations with himself or modern tales of life and love. I especially enjoyed his song about driving down the M4, dialogue with other motorists, genius stuff. This man truly loved the blues, pouring raging highs and sombre lows through his every chord, harking back to blues legends of the past. Plus just in case you were thinking about forgetting about this set…Floyd proceeded to set alight to his amp onstage in spectacular fashion (which coincidentally was wheeled in and out in a ramshackle old pushchair).

The Jim Jones Revue

The feel good nature of the evening continued as The Jim Jones Revue took to the stage and immediately proceeded to blast out 50’s bar room blues in the most fuzzed up, damn right rock n’ roll manner ever! The retro effect soaked vocals were rasping as they cut through the honky tonk adrenaline piano shots, tight rifffing and wailing guitar solo’s. This was an all out assault on the blues and they absolutely nailed it! From the first chord to the last, their scuzzy blues had everyone twistin’ and shoutin’, as they danced the night away. No Pogoing, No Moshing,…only jiving!

They rampantly plundered their way though a set with the enthusiasm of a band 20 years their junior which took the best from their back catalogue including the energetic High Horse, sing-a-long Shoot First, ferocious Dishonest John and the chaotic Elemental.

I must say I haven’t had so much fun at a gig for a long time. All it took was some middle aged men with a love of Jerry Lee Lewis and flat out rock transporting us back to a true 50’s rock and roll dancehall. Their performance was a joyous celebration of the blues as everyone, young & old had an absolute blast. There was barely a soul present without a huge grin on their face!

Jim Jones

It’s no wonder then this band thrives on their live reputation….. They are simply fantastic!

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