Art Brut @ The Lexington

2nd June 2011

So many gigs, so little time to write…It must be the summer!

After enjoying a fine but hideously expensive Brooklyn Lager (Cheers Docktor) at the cool pub/venue hangout The Lexington we ascended to welcome tonight’s warm up act, Baddies.


From their sound, it is quite clear to see they missed the bus out of the mid 00’s choppy indie rock, being left to wallow through the mud that’s been caked on for 5 years or so. The sound wasn’t fantastic with overpowering chiming power chords and muffled vocals. Their matching uniforms (with top buttons done up) screamed geek, a look in not sure they were after. Plus they broke gig rule #1: Do not insult the crowd. “…you might not be the clapping sort of crowd…“, quickly followed by #2. If its not going well, do not add kerosene to the fire!!

Art Brut

Art Brut kept their fans waiting eager for a glimpse of the Londoners playing the 4th of their 5 night stand here at the Lexington. When they did arrive it was met with jubilation and roars from the ‘older than your average’  gig crowd packed in this evening. From the first spoken vocal of Lead Singer Vocalist Storyteller Eddie Argos and his first call of “Are You Ready Art But…Let’s Go” to the very last, he was a magnetic presence on stage. His tongue in cheek wordplay and honest observations of life love and lunacy were waited on with baited breath all night long.

Eddie Argos

Seeing as most of his lyrics are conversational it’s no surprise to report that he likes a bit of banter, laughing and joking with the crowd and updating lyrics to the present, such as “Even though I’m 28 31″ rolled out on DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake. This humour and openness were great qualities which connected himself with his captive audience. Emily Kane also got a nice live rework treatment with an extended interlude that documented the next chapter when Emily got in contact. To find out what actually happened is a live gem I’ll leave for you to find out individually.

Musically the set highlights consisted of the sharp jagged chords of My Little Brother, the playful DC Comics and the uncontrollable Modern Art with it’s chaos call “Modern Art, Makes Me Want To Rock Out” sparking crazed scenes. New tunes were not massively well received, but their newer deeper sound was full bodied and disguised many cunningly understated melodies in its midst.

“Sit down class…”

After 4 nights in the same venue (1 more to go) they knew how to work the London crowd without becoming stale and repetitive keeping the set list mixed up also (sadly no airing for Direct Hit tonight). They are a brilliant live band for one reason and that is their talismanic front man who despite his random tales of booze and chance encounters, feels very, well…normal. That connection drives everything the band do and once backed with sharp and catchy little ditty rock tunes, it’s difficult not to love! The chants of “Art Brut Top of The Pops” faded into the night bringing a thoroughly entertaining performance to an end, from one of London towns very best live bands.

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