Dananananaykroyd @ KCSU

4th November 2011

It was with mixed feelings the DiR crew squeezed themselves into the already packed lift, ascending to the fifth floor of Kings College Student Union. We knew what to expect. A performance that no doubt would widen smiles and spark widespread indiscriminate hapiness. Yet we also knew this would be the last time we would ever get the chance to see one of thebest  and most chaotic live bands to grace these pages.

Dananananaykroyd‘s decision to break-up was a huge hammer blow, but at least this farewell tour was a final opportunity to bid a fond Bon voyage.

Never a band to disappoint, they played tonight like any other, without a hint of sadness or regret. Their razor sharp guitar lines were tighter than ever as they wildly swung between super complex melodic post hardcore riffing to stonking great crashes of noise rock power. Their duelling lead singers ensured their self proclaimed genre tag ‘Fight Pop’ was alive and well as they traded lyrics, slam style, doubling up to add extra clout to the spiralling sock rocking walls of amp clatter.

Songs taken from New album there is a way sounded almost as good as their debut counterparts tonight. The jerking vocals of Time Capsule, esctatic instrumental Reboot, super pop melodied Muscle Memory and the sprightly jagged edges of Think & Feel. Old favourites were as exhilerating as ever with the likes of rock-a-holic Pink Sabbath, mixed up frantic fretmeister  The Greater Symbol & The Hash and the unforgetable jangle pop gem Black Wax


Danana…(Yes…I have shortened it) are all for the  shared joyous gig experience. To such extent that after spotting some overly enthusiastic fans, clearly guilty of disruptive anti-social behaviour, they singled out the pair and instructed they go find a private room to go ‘do whatever you want to get out all your energy’. The  innuendo sparked giggles and a red faced duo to retreat, tail between legs. Of course their pot called the kettle black when they spontaneously launched into crowd surfs. At least they apologised for any limb flailing contact.

The night would not have been complete without their trademark instigation, a ‘Wall of Cuddles‘. The love spreading take on the wall of death. Finding yourself in the midst of a mad impromptu manly hug-a-thon with complete and total strangers, can only happen when Danana are in town.

Rounding the night off with a rousing performances of Pink Sabbath & Some Dresses, the lights went down on Danana for the last time, Leaving on a high as they soaked up their massively earned applause! They shall be sorely missed! Farewell Dananananaykroyd!

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