Album Review Shorts: Bear Cavalry – Maple Trails

Short & sweet album reviews that never miss the point…

Bear Cavalry – Maple Trails

Just in case you were feeling down as the days shorten, the nights grow longer and the depths of Winter start to take hold, Bear Cavalry’s latest sampler EP is here to raise the spirits. A surefire summer album which is bursting with multi instrumental vitality, beautifully versatile vocals and melodies to get your calypso on to. These tunes spring with energy and life wildly springing from spiky post punk guitars and African carnival vibes on Custom Hands while the lead track Roman Summer spins intricate melodies sprinkled with electro fizzes and a euphoric chorus. Despite the eclecticism on show, all the elements fuse together well including some unexpected surprises on Will Smith Solves The Rubik’s Cube..sombre verse, trumpet blowing chorus and indie toe tapping disco? Who knew?

There is a lot for the pop fan to love here. A splash of Little Comets shaken with some Kooks on a sandy wash of impulsive guitars will bring a dose of summer rushing right back up the aural canal! A highly promising EP.

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