Tracks of 2011: A Retrospective

Now our favourite albums of 2011 have been decided, that leaves only the small matter of the best songs. As I have been checking out vast swathes of new music it has become incredibly difficult to even begin to whittling the list of great tunes down to a reasonable number. Hence this year I’ve tried to chronicle the songs that have been top of my pops. Instead of the usual un-ordered list, here follows a vague timeline of awesome songs to keep you rockin’ through 2012. As usual though we have spotlighted those which shone brightest!

Spotify Playlist

>>DoesItRock Retrospective … 2011<<

Dananananaykroyd – Muscle Memory …Toning down their signature oddball sound ever so slightly they have created starkly addictive pop tune with singalong credentials, yet without relenting their indie sensibilities.

British India – Safari … All inhibitions are unleashed on this fuzz fuelled scorcher. Vigour, energy, two tiered passive/aggression, all over a punchy punk melody and wailing string bends. Short sweet and exhilarating.

Fair To Midland – Rikki Tiki Tavi … Imagine standing at the crossroads of epic progger’s Porcupine Tree when along rolls System of a Down’s complex guitar melodies with Disturbed vocals stacked in the back. Bold, beautiful an brazen all in one superb prog-metal classic.

Black Spiders – What Goods a Rock Without A Roll Rolling drums and spiralling guitars unleash in the build up for this hard rocking behemoth. Big riffing, mellowed bluesy interlude, expert wahhed melodies and the most badass lyric of the year (‘Eat thunder, Shit Lightning!’) combine in one heck of a rock and roll storm!

Heaven’s Basement – Unbreakable … This kick starts a new era with powerful unbridled energy and a youthful exuberance for pulsating hard rock! Massive melodies, huge riffs and a scorching solo drive this incessantly infectious tune. New album on the way, watch out!

Rose Hill Drive – Baby Doncha Know Your Man … Take a trip back to the fuzzy psychedelic days with Rose Hill Drive for a rocker soaked in retro charm.

Steel Panther – 17 Girls In A Row … No shame, balls out, lewd lyrics and 80’s hair…but man does it rock! Delightfully un-PC!

Times of Grace – Willing (Acoustic) … When metal-core gets a melodic makeover in the hands of Times of Grace you have beauty and beast entwined in a stunning grapple. This track sees the beauty win out, as complex riffs are beautifully ported to the acoustic guitar!

Crazy Arm – Bandalito … Bass thunders and the cannons roar to the red hot guitars of high octane Brit folk-punks Crazy Arm. Emphasis on vocals and a recklessly temperamental tempo makes this one of 2011’s unsung gems.

The View – Grace … The view create another smashing pop hit single. They have a knack for those simple catchy riffs that nag on your brain.

Frank Turner – Build Me Up Buttercup …Turner shows has the gift of creative reinterpretation with his cover of the four tops party classic. His version is despairing, and tortured, with his expressive vocals conveying the true meaning of the song. A classic reworked beautifully!

Set Your Goals – The last American Virgin … Rapid fire vocals, soaring chorus, fiery palm mute power chords, driving bass, melodic riffs…everything ticks my pop pink boxes! Pop Punk Anthem of 2011.

The entire playlist is available to listen via Spotify:

Spotify Playlist

>>DoesItRock Retrospective … 2011<<

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