Heaven’s Basement @ The Borderline

21st December 2012

As a little pre-Christmas gift from Heaven’s Basement, the boys decided to put on a donation only charity gig for Teenage Cancer Trust at The Borderline. Fresh from recording out in LA post signing a deal (hurrah!!! Finally!!!), they took this opportunity to test out some of their new material. Although, not before the supports had sufficiently warmed up the crowd.

Raven Vandelle

Raven Vandelle are a brummy Alt-Rock band who like a good detuned guitar riff or two. Songs were solid and the vocalist was pretty, good blasting out some impressive highs and rocker growls, yet there was something missing. The sparks failed to ignite their songs, as it felt everytime they should have cranked up one more notch, a slow grooved melodic guitar solo appeared. Mostly mid tempo was where they were at their best, but their lack of urgency faltered them. Promise shown, a little more work on the live set required.

Dear Superstar

A ha…Dear Superstar…we meet again! It was third time lucky tonight as i confess to really enjoying their set. Probably because their cocky front man got down to doing what he’s employed to do, sing! Less posing and more power in both their ethos and guitar work has paid dividends. Kicking in some flashy duelling guitar lines while retaining a melodic post-hardcore feel, gave their new songs a lift, showing them to be a pretty damn good rock muscle machine. Vast improvements have been shown by this band, their transformation is remarkable.

Dear Superstar

Back from LA, the laid back sunshine state has taken away none of their enthusiasm as they fire straight back into action with Tear Your Heart Out, leading the charge. The venue had filled up considerably as a swollen sea of faces had arrived for doesitrock.net favourites Heaven’s Basement. Fledgling singer Aaron has come along way since his last performance. He was assured, confident and assertive as he strutted around stage with vigour and purpose (he even managed a stage dive late on).  But yet again his vocals didn’t feel strong enough to overpower a Marshall backed assault, yet through the softer moments his voice shined (despite his hair not resembling a cross between Toploader and the hair bear bunch).

Heaven’s Basement

The most surprising vocals of the night go to superstar axe man Sid Glover (who’s up for a Pure Rawk Award 2012 alongside Drummer Chris Rivers!!), when his snarling tongue got to grips with the sleazy thunder roaring number Paranoia. I would even go so far as to say they were best vocals of the night! Backing this claim he sung another new tune brilliantly, showcasing his vocal prowess even further.

Sid Glover

The new tunes aired this evening had a definite bluesy swagger to them, such as the slightly oddball lyric’d Green Elephant. Its foot stomping riffs and soaring vocals showed a slightly more mature sound…although the flaring guitar solo was unmistakably another HB classic.

Aaron Buchanan

So their new songs sound great, their image has been overhauled, they have signed a record deal with Red Bull Records, their live shows are as kick ass as ever…finally the Heaven’s Basement boys are starting to fulfill their potential. Look out! As they ready themselves to unleash a well overdue assault on the UK Hard Rock crown!

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