The Australian Pink Floyd @ Hammersmith Apollo

24th March 201

There s no messing around this evening at the (shock horror) all seated layout of Hammersmith Apollo, for tonight’s act have travelled half the globe to be here. There were here to re-liv,e note for note, the greatest prog show on earth … a Pink Floyd gig.
The Australian Pink Floyd
With no support they played for nearly 3 hours (not inclusive of the 20 min pee pee break for the oldies/boozies) of dreamy sonically perfect recreations of Waters, Barrat, Gilmore and co. Their sound was absolutely spot on, as were the vocals. With eyes closed you would be instantly back in the Floyd heyday, wearing oversized flares sporting a ‘cool’ mullet … they are that damn good! Of course when they chatter between sings, their thick ozzy accents are unavoidable, so it’s pretty easy to identify the doppelgänger.
Of course as with any Floyd tribute the light show bouncing off the walls was simply stunning, as was the varied setlist which spanned the entire recording careertaking tunes from Animals to The Division Bell and The Piper At The Gates of Dawn to The Wall! They picked early prog outs Astronomy Domine to soaring classics Shine In You Crazy Diamond, sing-a-long epic Wish You Were Here, guitar totting Confortably Numb, not forgetting the crazed etherworldly vocals of The Great Gig in the Sky sung out by one of the original Floyd backing singers.
What made these guys ‘not just another tribute band‘ was they were not look-a-likes, neither were they pretending to be. They had an honest love for the music. When that was combines wth their typicalls ozzy sense of humour, brandishing fly swatting cork hats and a giant 25ft pink kangaroo which put smiles on smiles, raising plenty of cheer.
On a performance like tonights, it’s easy to see why these guys have been credited with being better than the actual Pink Floyd. Beyond the creation of a time machine or a persuasive potion, this is the best Pink Floyd experience around, a must for any fans. Of which tonight was packed to the rafters with them.

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