Little Comets @ Scala

27th April 2012
Scala was buzzing as the rip off alarm bells rang at the bar as we schooched into the main arena to catch tonight’s support, The 1975.
Turns out we needn’t have bothered, such was their lacklustre efforts, poor repetitive melodies and copycat scenester sound. Lolloping about stage lead singer was totally un-engaging and lethargically uninspiring. When a song is held together on 4 notes, it shows either genius riff-meister general or an un-inventive sleeping pill substitute…the latter being the case here.
The 1975
Leaving the 70’s behind never to grace these ears again, we move swiftly onto the Little Comets. Their stage setup was interesting to say the least as they swung a rope across the stage with a multitude of instruments hanging along its drooping length. Presumably they all have bad backs limiting their ability to bend down which is odd given their fresh faces. Youthful exuberance and wide eyed giddy melodies combined throughout the set, resulting in
the high point of the evening on pop classics such as Joanna and Adultery jangling with their bright afro-guitars and soft smooth vocals.

Little Comets

Beyond the handful of singles there was little more tunes to recommend. One album and an unreleased EP of pretty similar sounding material was their eventual downfall. Despite changing tempo (mainly slowing) the variety was seriously lacking, eventually leading to yawning and mind meanders. So plenty of work still to be done and plenty of time to cement their status as headliners, which in my opinion has come one album to soon.

So overall Little Comets did not hit the highs expected of their lively pop antics, all in all…It’s A Cosmic Shame.

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