Album Review: Free Fall – Power & Volume

New project of Soundtrack Of Our Lives guitarist is a lesson in how to rock hard right…

Free Fall – Power & Volume

RockOSaurus Says:

There are many hard rocking bands who list Led Zep & Ac/Dc as influences, but none go quite as far as Free Fall in their homage to the lords of Classic Rock as Free Fall. From the energy of the opening rollicking blues guitar riff of the title track to the last gravelly toned wail from Bon Scott’ish vocalist Kim Fransson, Free Fall are soaked in the kind of good times and vintage memories that only get better with age. Rock pedigree was never going to be an issue as their line-up is a true meld of Scandinavian talent from bands as varied as Lead Guitarist Mattias Bärjed (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives), drummer Ludwig Dahlberg (International Noise Conspiracy) with a helping hand from Graveyard’s producer Don Alsterberg.

There are a whole heap of riffs which are instantly memorable, stolen from the rock archives and given a new lease of life here on this brilliant debut record. They are adept at the straight up upbeat hard rock as displayed on both the title track and Top Of The World both sporting racing drums and equally pacy melodies, yet it’s the longer slower tunes where Free Fall have perfected their craft. One such epic is Attila, which begins with a simple palm muted riff which is totally foreboding  backed with a bright bass melody with occasional piano chords to add more sparse desert-like Stoner Rock vibes. It rumbles on like a impending storm, which results in an epic crescendo flooded with fiery guitars and shrieking vocals. This simple slowed riff trick is repeated a few more times on World Domination with its louder cymbal crashing wall of rock and Damnation which flies very close to Sabbath’s Haven & Hell completes this trio of big hitting beasts. Production nods firmly at the good old days of rock almost as much as the songs.

There is barely any filler here, with each song either containing another melody to bang head to, a guitar solo to admire or more often a jaw dropping display of vocal talent. If you like rock, you cannot miss this! Having already seen them live, I can report they are just as spectacular!

DoesItRock Overall Score: 9/10

Listen to Free Fall – Power & Volume now on Spotify!



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