Flight Of The Conchords @ The O2

June 22nd 2018

After a much anticipated return to our stages after over 8 years away, we had to wait an additional few months after Bret wound up with an injured hand from falling down some stairs. Still the Kiwi Duo did duly arrive and treated us to an evening of giggles, fun and jollity.

As this was in essence a comedy gig so I’m going to keep the text brief as nobody likes a spoiler. The comedy act itself threw my enjoyment somewhat as it felt like I knew a lot of the best jokes/songs already. New material whilst as funny and genius as ever with their deadpan delivery, it would take repeat listens to truly get all the japes.

So yes, It was hilarious and their stage banter has us in stitches, but it felt well rehearsed and meticulously planned. Best tracks of the night were the tribute to the late great David on “Bowie”, a French fancy with “Faux de Fa Fa”, the hip hoppity grooves of “Mutha’ukas/Hurt Feelings” and newby combo “Father and Son” and “Deana & Ian”.

In absence of more words, here’s some pictures instead…



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