Monster Truck @ The Electric Ballroom

23rd March 2017

A sizable queue snaked up Camden high street prior to this anticipated evening of rock and roll and the visit to these fair shores from Canadian rising stars, Monster Truck, here to promote their great “ Album Of The Year 2017 Sittin’ Heavy.

First up at the racetrack this evening was a The Picturebooks, a German Duo of Guitars and Drums. What they lacked in numbers they certainly made up for in decibels and drumsticks as their drummer beat his low rise kit to within to a bloody pulp. If those skins could talk they’d be in the police station reporting assault charges. The resonance was deep and thunderous which gave everything a foot stomping vibe that was brightened by the gruff vocals. Guitars were as bluesy as you’d expect and they has a few decent rabble of songs that shined out from the set. In contract to their precise deliberateness our main event was ready to ramp up the engines…

The Picturebooks

The throttle went well and truly through the floor as Monster Truck launched somewhat ironically straight into “Why Are You Not Rockin?” which set the tone for the rest of the evening. A night of ‘Monster’ riffs and ‘Truck’ loads of high octane rock and roll ensued (puns intended!). There was little in the way of diversions with a focus firmly upon their set, not even the bare chested guitar slinger could divert much attention. Whilst its clear they can riff with the best in the business, of me its the overlay of vocal harmonies and powerful wooo-ooaaaahhhs…which provide the melodic hooks scaled to land moby dick.

Monster Truck

With such a straight-up hard rock band, they could easily have repeated the same winning riff, chorus, riff formula. But yet they balanced out the set with mid-tempo ‘pop’ numbers (“For The People”) between their all out attack gung-ho guitar frenzies (“The Enforcer”) and even threw in a few more swaggering slow-burning blues numbers (“Seven Seas Blues“). Not to mention the James Brown “I Feel Good” cover which should get its own release! A gigantic show from a rising band who are heading for the top of rock mountain.


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