Jet @ The Forum

17th July 2018

Anticipation was running high in HQ as the rockers from down under are back in ol’ blighty after a almost 6 years of inactivity.

Up first was a band that I’d not heard of before. Didn’t think much of at the time and even now can’t find a great deal about. Hence I’ll say that Tempesst were immediately forgettable and non-invasive in many ways.

It was Bruce Springsteen we have to thank for this Jet‘s return show (sort of). It was at his request that Jet come out of semi retirement to play the Aussie leg of his world tour. Which in turn has reignited the flame enough to warrant a brief 2 date UK tour to coincide with the 15th Anniversary of their debut, Get Born. Now usually album gigs are familiar, but they kept us guessing but not only playing on shuffle, but mixing in other tracks along the way to throw you off scent.


Its tough not to draw parallels with Jet as the Antipodean Oasis, What with both being offshoots of The Beatles with a slice of danger and gruff added for vague edginess. As expected then, the crowd were in strong spirits and voice all evening as the singalong moments and high octane rock and roll emerged. Low rumbling chorus’s, tapered highs and repetitive simplicity meant it was easy to follow and holler, like a decent football chant.

It’s fair to admit that these songs were like old friends you had lost touch with but are really glad to see them again for a brief moment of reminiscing. They have and always will play the nostalgia/retro card high in their arsenal, so in many ways tonight’s retrospective on a retrospection was all the more engaging.

Choice tracks from the night included the furious run through of the dangerous “Get Me Outta Here”, the bruised piano balladry of “Look What You’ve Done”, a party pit inducing “Rip It Up” and of course the swagger and style of their biggest hit “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”.

As the Aussies might say “it was a real ripper” of a show tonight. Let’s hope that its not another 6 years before they return for their next visit.

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