Extreme @ Brixton Academy

20th December 2017

A post Christmas meetup of the DiR.net faithful congregated back in Brixton for a blast from the past, funk filled, 80’s rock show. We jumped at the chase to witness Extreme, the finest funk metal crossover band and their talismanic six string slinging legend Nuno Bettencourt.

But up first was a lesser known funk/rock band from the 80’s, Dan Reed Network. They played a rather generic form of pop rock that fits nicely into non-offensive electro tilted 80’s radio fodder or the soundtrack to an overly produced day-glo exercise video. Crude comparisons aside, their vocalist (the erstwhile Dan Reed) was seemingly out of kilter with the band, with his rockstar vision of his eponymous group was way above reality. Melodies as you’d expect of the style were strong and ever-present throughout each song, as were the big chorus build-ups. But when it was all played at such a plodding pace it was merely lacklustre, mediocre at best.

Dan Reed Network

Looking round the crowd this evening, the pleasant mix of middle ages metal heads, youthful pop bangers and old school rockers showed the broad appeal of this lesser known but fantastic band from the 80’s Metal scene who stood apart on merits (not just good looks and hair). Extreme!!!


Immediately they showed their flair for melody within the opening bars of the show, as Nuno kick started a night of goddamn funky guitar heroics. Now when the bassline for “Get The Funk Out” kicked in early doors, it was clear they were intending on focusing on their hits. 4 minutes of boogieing and wah-washed guitaring later the crowd were well and truly warmed, vocal chords and all. We continues in obscure, hit, obscure sequencing covering ballads “Hole Hearted”, unhinged rocker “Decandence Dance”, and even more phone waving ballads “Rest In Peace” and “Stop The World”.

Overall they were tight and had heaps of chemistry on stage, however their vocalist Gary Cherone lacked power (sometimes tunefulness) and potential to pierce the wall of sound coming from behind him. This took a little of the edge sheen of this polished performance, but for me the true star of the night was always going to be Nuno Bettencourt.

Nuno Bettencourt

His furiously fast, neo-classical, overtly tuneful and technically mesmerizing fretwork was an absolute honour to witness. He was given centre stage repeatedly on stunning solo’s and entire instrumental tracks that send shivers of excitement down spines. The best being “Midnight Express” a super fast acoustic strummer, the shred masterpiece “Flight Of The Wounded Bumble Bee” and of course Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca” sampling classic “Play With Me”.

In summary, a fantastic night of sing-a-longs, funk-a-delia and true guitar greatness.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Yes they did play their other song too…what was its name again? Something about some Words (or am I thinking of Boyzone or the BeeGees?).

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