Everything you ever wanted to know about the authors of DoesItRock.net!

Enter the RockOSaurus, Mr Flowers & The Docktor…….



Harking from the Jurassic period, this dinosaur of the Rock of Ages enjoys nothing better than cracking the stereo to 11 and showing a Whole Lotta Love  to Rock and Roll Legends of old. He is the most hard hitting of the Does it Rock motley crew…

Music Tastes: Guitar based Rock and Pop but he is more at home with the louder breeds of Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Guitar Virtuoso’s, Punk, Prog and Metal.

Appreciates: Cracking riffs, blistering solos of fretboard flaring, fist pumping vocals, infectious melodies and instrumental genius.

Loves: The Crunch of a Gibson Les Paul amped through a Marshall stack.

Hates: Pretentiousness

Best New Band: Crobot

Guilty Pleasure: Bon Jovi

Guitar Icons: Jimi Hendrix & Joe Satriani


Mr Flowers

Born in the beautifully lush gardens of the Indie park lands and raised by daisies, this alternative rocker has been fighting the mainstream for all eternity. He is the most left field of the gang and likes his music to not only rock loud, but also rock quietly and strangely too….

Music Tastes: Lily Allen, White Rose Movement, The Killers

Appreciates: Anything Floral.

Loves: The White Stripes – Blue Orchid, The Beatles – Octopus’ Garden, Travis – Flowers in the window, Okerrvil River – Another Radio Song, The Darkness – English Country Garden, Sting – Fields of Gold

Hates: Nothing. Loves all music. Thats Flower Power!

Best New Band: Le Butcherettes

Guilty Pleasures: Singing his heart out to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup

Guitar Icons: Pavement


The Docktor

The Docktor is infected with total pop groove. Converted to Rock, he is now almost as likely to be found moshing at the rock show as he is to be dancing the light fandango on the dancefloor. His pop roots have definitely not deserted him yet and he adds the Pop sprinkle to the DoesItRock.net Team…

Music Tastes: Mainly middle of the road popular radio fodder, but gets scared of the traffic so can often be found venturing off to the electro fields with regular visits to the lands of pop rock.

Appreciates: Catchy pop melodies, cheesy tunes, keyboards & sythns plus funky electro funks.

Loves: The smell of bitumen strength coffee.

Hates: Standing too close to the PA speakers which leads to 3 days of hearing loss

Best New Band: The Treatment

Guilty Pleasures: Britney Spears


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