Well, Well, Look what the cat dragged in

Milburn, One Night Only @ Chinnerys, Southend
23rd April 2007

This evenings crowd was one of stark contrast to the week previous, seems if you have an album out then the kids tend to stay away for fear of being left behind the NME trawler. Much older and wiser the patrons were, hence the silly amount of time spent getting to the bar.

Opening act were One Night Only, from what I can remember their sound was electro heavy pop rock. I couldn’t help notice how 3 guitarists could make such a tiny whimper, which was easily outstripped by the far superior ivory tickling. The guitar melodies themselves were messy and a bit pointless and added no real value to the songs except creditability.

After what seemed like a decade Milburn finally decided its time to get down to business and stepped into the lights. Now they maybe from the north, but I’m pretty sure the white man afro 80’s haircut ergo Keegan and Souness has lost it’s appeal of late. Not to the lead singer/guitarist it hasn’t, still style aside their ska infused pop/rock was lively and invited more than your fair share of riotous behavior. As good as some of their tracks were, musically they were short of any new ideas as their new material showcased this eve was destined for filling out those pages of NME nobody reads.

After these guys constant touring there’s no questioning their live gig was energetic, fun and highly enjoyable! I honestly had a ball but was left saddened by a long wait, short set and no encore. So I wandered off pondering when the lead singer has time to fit in those 118 adverts?

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