Album Review: Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory.

Australia’s next in line to the Hard Rock throne are back to Rock Your Socks.

Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory.

Airbourne - No Guts. No Glory.

RockOSaurus Says:

No Guts No Glory, is a triumphantly big return from the Aussie rockers Airbourne. Yes they trade on Ac/Dc thrills and produce some pretty indebted homages to the holy Young brothers, but in their own right they really know how to rock!

Raise The Flag is a barnstorming romp of huge power chords, No Way But The Hard Way proves thier mid tempo rockers are up to scratch and Born To Kill kicks off the album in true barroom brawl, beer drenched, rawkus style. This is a great album packed with mammoth sized tunes from beginning to end.

With Ac/Dc ungracefully fading into their pension plans Airbourne alook set to fill this huge void in the hard rock world…the highest accolade they could possibly receive!

Mr Flowers Says:

An album covering all of classic rock’s mainstays: sex (Blonde, Bad and Beautiful), drugs (White Line Fever) and rock and roll (the whole album).

For some reason especially keen to remind the listener that rock and roll isn’t dead, Airbourne treats us to a by-the-book hard rock album; from the excellent hard rock singer to the crunching riffs on Born To Kill and phenomenal soloing on No Way, Raise The Flag and Overdrive.

It’s not breaking any new ground but it’s a near faultless display of the genre, chock full of fist-pumping classic rock. It loses a point for having the cheesiest album cover this year.

RockOSaurus: 9/10

MrFlowers: 7/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 8

Listen to Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory. now on We7!

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