Hot Hot Heat, Official Secrets Act @ Scala, Kings Cross

Hot Hot Heat, Official Secrets Act @ Scala, Kings Cross , 02 March 2010

Coming to Scala for a show is never a chore and as we bustled our way into the crowd after enjoying quite a few beverages (thus neatly avoiding the extortionate bar price situation) we were greeted by the sounds of Official Secrets Act.

Official Secrets Act sound like they have just stepped off the 80’s express with their prominent keyboards, wavy hair and pop mentality. Comparisons to bands such as Duran Duran and The Human League were tossed about aplenty between the DiR gang. However with it not being the 80’s anymore, they had limited appeal. Some good tunes were present into the set with quirky electro melodies and inescapable catchiness. Not too long after they began, the lead singers comic book character, high pitched started to get irritating.

A solid opening band and with a niche appeal, one feels they need some more material to make a big splash in the rapidly filling electro-pop genre of the noughties.

Hot Hot Heat are a band who never disappoint with their live performances. This, the third time I have seen them finds them a tighter sound unit, one which has pushed down the boundaries of piano power pop. They played a pretty even spread of material covering the best bits of their 3 album back catalogue. Kicking off the evening their infectious stage energy had the crowd waving arms and pogo’ing along with front man, Steve Bays leading them like the Pied Piper.

Steve Bays

Their new material (self produced in their own recording studio no less) sounded excellent with a lot more cutting edge weirdness while retaining their characteristic quirk filled pop mentality. In fact everything sound better here this evening with the pick of the set list being No, Not Now, the rapidfire lyrics of Island Of The Honest Man and the hometown celcbration Get In Or Get Out.

Hot Hot Heat

Their infectious energy (down in most part to Bays stage bounding) reached an epic crescendo as they blasted their way through their magnificent pop anthem Bandages before darting off stage to recover. Returning for a short encore they finally took their bows and said farewell, safe in the knowledge they are fine exponents of live entertainment and a cracking band!

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