Album Review Shorts: The Trews – Hope & Ruin

Short & sweet album reviews that never miss the point…

The Trews – Hope & Ruin

RockOSaurus Says…

Canadian east coasters The Trews have not hit the UK shores as hard as they deserve with their pop rock and roll combination of precise guitars, tender ballads and all round good time tunes. Hope & Ruin is doing its damned best to change matters. This being their 4th LP, nothing too greatly has changed since last time out, but their knack for writing upllifting feel good rock songs underpinned by huge vocal bellows and infectious melodies remain strong. They have mixed up melancholy, mid-tempo and mega-sized thoughout making this a varied album with wider pop audience appeal. Though they have not distancing themselves too far from the rock crowd with thumping tunes such as opener Misery Loves Company and the powerful wah wah riffed People of the Deer. It can be a little too plodding towards the end, but with the majority of songs presented in such enjoyble pop packages it’s easy to overlook.


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