Far from the Ordinary

The Ordinary Boys, The Cribs @ Brighton Dome, Brighton
March 2005

The first of two concerts within a week starts with a bump. Delayed trains and invisible train conductors all hinder mine and Mr Flowers progress towards the Brighton Dome. This aside we managed to arrive within 2 pints of the venue, and not miss anything. The Dome is a very compact venue so our elevated circle seats have a really good view.

We sit and talk all the way through a non-memorable set from the opening act ‘The Explosion‘, a run of the mill punk band. We however are more eager to see the second support band The Cribs. They put in a great performance even with the lead guitarist/singer drunk as a skunk, yet still he pull off some flashy post-punk riffs and solos. The set was just what the doctor ordered and I shall be looking for these guys again as they seem to have what it takes to make it big, combining crazy live shows with Razorlight’esque riffs and Beach Boy OOhhs, u cant go wrong!!

Now to the main attraction, The Ordinary Boys strolled onto stage to Madness’ ‘One Step Beyond’ before crashing into the heart of their debut album ‘Over the Counter Culture’. The set including all the highlights from this album as well as a variety of b-sides and a Ramones Cover. The highlights included Talk Talk Talk with its rousing singalong chorus of ‘ It’s Back To Work On “Thursday Morning” ‘ and Seaside which rounding off the evening in style. However the sparkle of the show went to a special guest none other than ‘Phil Jupitus’ who made an appearance, seemingly half pissed, brilliantly singing Little Bitch. The Humour of the evening came from the drunken Musicians, a bald guy who must have crowd surfed 10+ times and the Cribs lead singer taking a huge stage dive during Phils rendition of Little Bitch.

The Night went dangerously on from here however and we ended up looking for ‘Sound’, I mean ‘Audio’ for the official NME aftershow party. We eventually got there and I met and chatted to Preston, was a nice touch to round off the evening.

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