Does It Rock? Awards 2011: The Winners

Sadly all of the award winners cannot be here to accept these awards, but feel free to get in touch to send your acceptance speeches any time!

Find the Nominees here!

Does It Rock Live Awards 2011: The Winners

Best Gig Performance

Winner: Jim Jones Revue (@ KoKo)

For this special live performance, a slice of the good ol’ days of rock and roll armed with two tone shoes, rockabilly style and jiving dancehalls was transported to north London. Everyone was swinging along to the amped up retro-blues party and all round great show brought to us by the Jim Jones Revue. A blistering live band who are impossible not to love, time and time again!

Best Festival Performance

Winner: Coldplay (@ Glastonbury)

As expected Coldplay’s live show is immense. But this one really surpassed expectations kicking both Beyonce and Bono into row z. A heady mix of classics and the new electro sound worked wonders as I fell back in love with a band who can probably now consider themselves among the greatest on the planet.

Best Song

Winner: Executioners Day (Heaven’s Basement @ Underworld)

On three different occasions we sampled this classic rock thumper. Each time better than the last! Its new extended live format the bridge melody now extends to a sample cover of RATM’s Bullet In Your Head, genius stuff! With their debut album on the horizon it’s long overdue release on the public at large is imminent. Hold tight world!

Best Venue

Winner: The Lexington

A great selection of beers in the cool hangout downstairs bar that’s never overcrowded and a superlative intimate venue up above wins this award hands down. There is no better place to catch a band in London!

Best Crowd

Winner: Death From Above 1979 (@ The Forum)

This over-enthused bunch were chomping at the bit on the much rejoiced return of the fuzz punks first London reunion shows. Bodies flying everywhere, uncontrollable dancing and more bustle than a half price sale at Selfridges. Mad, but great!

Best Festival

Winner: Glastonbury

The reasons are endless…there is simply too much to enjoy. All night bars, disco’s, side acts, crazy post-apocalyptic late night party zone, chill out area’s and fantastic food. This is before we mention any of the music. Worthy Farm is the spiritual home of the Music Festival, long may it reign.

Best Festival Anthem

Winner: One Day Like This (Elbow @ Glastonbury)

A totally brilliant set from elbow was massively endearing and full of emotional heartwarming tunes to swell the heartstrings. This had nearly everybody on the festival site singing in harmony, a great moment of joy (helped by the appearance of the sun !)

Best Frontman/Vocalist

Winner: Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav)

Not so much for his singing though, this guy is a loony tune of epic proportions. His antics are chaotic, borderline insanity but you seriously can’t take your eyes off the man. Mesmerizing!

Best Guitarist

Winner: BB King

After his short waddle to his seat this old school legend showed everyone how to be the master of guitar. Beautiful staccato and hugely emotive string bends took centre stage during this set of pure blues magic.

2011 Spotlight Awards:

The “Waahahaaay Over The Top” award for exuberant Showmanship:

Winner: Saxophone Solo and Karaoke in the Crowd (Datarock @ The Garage)

You have to be pretty mad to start a karaoke sing-a-long to dirty dancing’s Time of Your Life. But to do so entirely in the crowd not forgetting the sax solo is on a different level. Showmanship and cheese collided in a truly unforgettable moment.

The “Eyecandy” award for the hottest woman of rock

Winner: Charlotte Hatherley (Ash)

Her triumphant return to the Ash fold proved that girls can truly rock with the boys, whilst adding that sprinkling of glamour!

The “Turned to 11″ award for the Loudest set

Winner: The Qemists ( @ Camden Crawl)

A shoe-in for this award were these Drum’n’Bass rebels after they blew up their rigs two songs into the set. They played not just for the Camden crowd, this show was audible nationwide!

The “I can’t believe I saw that” award for the Most Unexpected Gig Antics

Winner: The Balcony Climb, Crowd Demolition Derby and Bat Hang (Les Savy Fav @ Heaven)

Tim Harrington’s crazed antics took in a ride on a box on wheels at simply frightening speeds through the crowd (all with wired mic!). Then with the help of leg-ups and frantic pulling he clambered up onto the balcony, whereby he decided it was a good idea to hang over the edge backwards with a few burly guys holding his feet. Madness personified!

The “WTF??” award for the most unusual crowd Antics

Winner: Glo-Stick Assault (Les Savy Fav @ Heaven)

Another award for Tim Harrington, this time he gave the crowd permission to go crazy by lobbing a huge box full of glo-sticks into the crowd. Cue a glo-stick tsunami as they were catapulted around the room, at the band, at the security guards and at each other. Strangely beautiful to watch, but also quite dangerous to stick your head up for fear of flying luminescent projectiles.

The “Is that a…” award for Most Random Stage Prop

Winner: A Lighthouse (The Joy Formidable @ The Forum)

What on earth a Lighthouse is doing on a Kentish Town stage I will never ever understand…answers on a postcard please!

The “Fashion Disaster” award for Terrible Style

Winner: Yeti Jacket, Leather, Indian Headgear, Masking Tape Bikini, Face Paint etc… (Tim Harrington)

Tim’s shelf will be bulging now as his style also wins an award. Bizarre outfits, numerous changes and outlandish extravagance.

The “Do Not Enter” award for the worst gig Venue

Winner: KoKo (For extortionate beer prices and bad setlisting!)

Irked by the recent poor showing of this venue and it’s pricing and scheduling, KoKo despite its nice paintwork is the most underwhelming venue from 2012.

The “Ouch My Ears!” award for the worst Performance

Winner: Divorce @ Camden Crawl

These Glaswegian girls were absolutely hideous! They made a god awful, intolerable arty tripe which barely classifies as music. The worst performance of 2012 by a country mile!

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